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Our Purpose – The Why!


At Twin-Spirited, we believe that for organisations and individuals to thrive and survive in the diverse, complex, and fast changing work and cultural environments we’re all part of, we need to think differently.


We believe that when we live and work in an environment where we feel forced to withhold and secret-keep about whom we really are, we hold ourselves back!  Not only is this limiting for the individual, but also, evidence shows that it can severely affect physical and mental health, is bad for relationships (personal or work related), and bad for business.


Everything we do at Twin-Spirited, and everything we believe in, is directed towards challenging the status quo around equality, diversity, gender and sexuality.  We believe that through influencing and facilitating collaborative change and learning, we can help to correct the many misperceptions, false assumptions, and simplistic stereotyping commonly associated with those who identify as being LGBT.


The experience, knowledge, and skills behind everything we do at Twin-Spirited has been gained through our own personal and working lives while simultaieously dealing with our own challenges around gender, sexual, difference and diversity.


We strongly believe that difference and diversity matter, has value, and makes a difference.


The What!


In recent years there has been an explosion of information on equality and diversity leaving us inundated with facts but starving us of understanding. Twin-Spirited fills this void by providing training, consultancy, organisational support and mentoring, and mediation, around equality, diversity, gender and sexuality.


The How!


In addition to providing consultancy, support, mentoring and mediation, Twin-Spirited proivdes short training courses to a wide variety of organisations and businesses, both large and small.  The list below are examples of the courses we run.


Where preferred, courses can be tailored to suit any organisations individual and specialist needs.




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"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

~ Oscar Wilde