Equality, Diversity and LBGT Training – Why Bother?


In today's increasingly complex and dynamic world, it can be argued that the only constant is change.  Organisations, their management and employees, if they are to survive, let alone grow and prosper, need to learn and adapt to their internal and external environment.  Triggers for change come from a variety of sources, key among them are the following:


  • Legislative change and government policy
  • Demands for equality, acceptance of diversity, and customer satisfaction
  • The need for organisations to establish, implement and maintain an equality and diversity      management system and procedures
  • The civil and legal requirement to provide competent employees
  • The fear of legal action and fines, and damage to the organisation’s reputation


Increasing demands for equal access and opportunity, and the fear of legal action and fines have made difference (usually called “diversity”) a hot subject.  To avoid accusations of discrimination and any consequences, organisations are striving to value equality and diversity.  They are also delivering and implementing equality and diversity management systems and procedures to ensure compliance with current equality and diversity legislation and best practice.


To bring about any form of significant and enduring equality and diversity change, organisations will want to be equipped to deal with the business ramifications and consequences of complying with the current legislative requirements, and organisational leaders and employees will need to have at least some awareness of LGBT issues and relevant laws so that all employees, clients and customers, and any organisational stakeholders, can be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Not to provide employees with some level of training relating to equality and diversity and LGBT issues may put the organisation and employees at risk.


Twin-Spirited provides a variety of courses that give a realistic insight into the everyday real life challenges and experiences for LGBT individuals, and aims to provide knowledge and transferable information and skills that are both valid and relevant to the attendees work environment and which they can use in real work situations.  Another aim of this course is to provide the attendees with the knowledge to help them motivate and influence individual and organisational change.  We run five separate courses for individuals and organisations.


  • Equality, Diversity and LBGT Awareness Training for Support Workers (1&2 day courses)
  • Equality, Diversity and LBGT Awareness for Leaders and Managers 
  • Equality, Diversity and LBGT Awareness Training for the Care Sector
  • Equality, Diversity and LBGT Awareness Session for Voluntary Organisations and Recreational Groups
  • Courses can be tailor-made to suit all types and sizes or organisations, and to meet their individual needs.


For further details contact Robyn at info@twin-spirited.com